Armstrong Retirement Homes


Leisure and Recreation

Armstrong Retirement Homes is a supportive housing community, which means we go above and beyond simply helping our residents maintain their mobility and quality of life. Our individually tailored, comprehensive, leisure program actually improves and enhances quality of life.

We offer many programs aimed at keeping residents mentally fit, physically active and social engaged. There is always something to do, whether working out at an exercise class, attending a holiday party or joining a day trip. At Armstrong Retirement Homes it is easy to lead an active and fulfilling retirement lifestyle.

Homestyle Dining

Seniors often find meal preparation to be one of the biggest burdens in their retirement years. At Armstrong Retirement Homes, seniors are freed of the responsibilities for meal preparation. Residents enjoy the pleasure of sharing a relaxing dining experience every evening with friends.

We are fortunate to be located in a rich agricultural area. The meals at Armstrong Retirement Homes are sourced from fresh, local products and prepared to ensure a nutritious and delicious culinary experience. Residents dine on high quality, home-cooked meals much like those they would have been proud to serve their own families.

The Armstrong Retirement Homes dining program includes a continental breakfast, an afternoon snack and five-course evening meal seven days per week. Every suite has a full kitchen so that residents can prepare their own lunches and occasionally enjoy baking or cooking if they wish. For those who prefer not to cook their own lunches, a lunch program is available.

Housekeeping Services

How many times have you wished there was someone to take care of the household chores you don't like doing? How many times have you yearned to spend more time doing the things you love and spending time with friends and family?

At Armstrong Retirement Homes, our housekeeping services remove the burdens of housekeeping by assisting residents with their daily chores and home maintenance. We maintain a weekly schedule of the following light housekeeping duties: mopping, vacuuming, laundering of bath towels and bed linens. There is also the option to request extra cleaning services on an as-needed basis if you require a little extra help.

For laundering personal items, washers and dryers are provided on site for residents to use free-of-charge. Additional laundry services can be arranged for those who do not wish to launder their personal items.