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Caretenders Retirement Living

Caretenders Retirement Living was founded in 1988 and since that time it has established a successful track record of developing and operating some thirteen retirement communities, primarily in British Columbia, Ontario, and Arizona. Currently, in addition to Queens Avenue, we operate residences in Belleville Ontario and Kelowna BC, and we are extremely excited about our new building set to open in Fall 2011 in Armstrong BC.

Caretenders' philosophy is to break away from the cookie-cutter molds of the big retirement home companies and instead offer residents of our facilities something unique. As is true of Queens Avenue, each of our buildings are specifically tailored to their surroundings to reflects the heart of the greater community; from the style of our building, to our landscaping, services, staff and menu, every aspect of a Caretenders' facility is perfectly adapted to the general feel of the surrounding community so that residents feel like they never left their own home.

In the future, Caretenders will be bringing this philosophy to all their new projects, and are specifically targeting smaller communities so that seniors have the opportunity to stay close to home as their care needs change. This makes the transition to a retirement home much easier for seniors as they are able to remain close to their family and friends, and can continue to be active in community groups that they make up such a significant portion of.

By keeping the valuable spirit of seniors close to home, Caretenders is not only caring for the communities within their buildings, but for communities across North America.

For me that age is seventy

   Imagine a nice stroll through the park…or baking the best treats on the block…or just simply watching television in the mornings-these are all things to look forward to in retirement. Many may think retirement comes easy, but in order to have a leisurely retirement one must plan for the future.  

   One of the most prominent American dreams is to retire before a particular age. For me that age is seventy. Currently I am twenty-one years old and I am working on my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. By the time I reach the set retirement age, the age will probably be a little higher than it is today. That is just fine with me because I am a busy body and I do not like to sit still. So while retiring a little later in life might be a problem for some that is not the case for me. Constantly having something to do is what I live for. 

   However, planning for that time when I might have to think about slowing down is a thought I need to consider. Prior to retiring I need to have enough capital saved in order to purchase items for everyday needs, for debts owed (if I have any), and for leisure activities. While the possibility of drawing Social Security is there, I am not going to take any chances in depending on that money to sustain my lifestyle. While working I will put a certain amount of money away each time I get paid. The amount may vary from time to time but every little bit helps in the end. I would estimate that I probably will need to save at least $700,000. While that may seem like a good chunk of change, I will need at least that much to live on the rest of my life. 

   All of this planning may sound great but without making the right decisions throughout my life none of these plans will matter. In order to help guarantee that I will be able to retire at age seventy, I will do several things. First off, I will save money from each paycheck as mentioned above. I will also make sure my mortgage is paid off on time or even before the set date on the contract. Not getting into debt over the course of my life will also help ensure that I not have any worries so that I can retire. Making sure these things get done throughout my life will help me enjoy the freedom retirement has to offer.

   While I plan on ensuring that I am able to retire at seventy, many people do not take into consideration some of the things you have to do on your own in order to live comfortably in retirement. Some of the biggest mistakes people make that hinder their ability to live comfortably in retirement are they do not save extra money, they get into debt early on in life, and they do not plan well for the future. Having extra money saved up is a big part of why most people cannot live comfortably in retirement. Relying on the government’s Social Security money is not a smart option because it is not always as much money as you would think. Buying luxuries you do not need throughout your life and getting into debt because of those luxuries is another big mistake many people make. Last but not least, some people are not good planners. These people live for today and do not worry about tomorrow. This motto may work for other aspects of your life but retirement is not one of them. 

   Retirement can be nice if one takes the time and effort to plan for it. Spending time with grandchildren, planting a garden, or even just enjoying a nice bike ride are things to look forward to in retirement. With the right amount of planning and money whatever your dream may be for retirement, that dream can be obtained.