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Nursing Homes Armstrong - When people could no longer carry out their every day activities, they have the alternative to live in a skilled nursing facility. This reduction of function could be short-term or long term. Depending upon the individual's needs, employees could assist patients with lots of tasks like taking a bath, eating, grooming, and going to the toilet. The rooms may be designed like a hospital setting, with some shared rooms and several private rooms. Bathrooms could also be private or shared.

A nursing home is another term more frequently used to describe a skilled nursing facility. This is because of the fact that nurses carry most of the workload in these facilities. All of the nurses in a nursing home facility will have different specialties and various degrees of qualifications. Nurses will closely speak with the physicians of the patient and other members of the healthcare group in order to ensure right patient care. Nursing facilities provide 24 hour care to those patients whose requirements are not severe enough to need hospitalization, but are severe enough that they require constant monitoring. If required, the patient's physician can make a visit to the nursing facility.

Because of the huge number of elderly individuals in skilled nursing homes, these facilities are normally referred to as old folks homes. However, in more recent years, new services like rehabilitation have been added to numerous facilities. Normally, someone who has just undergone surgery, such as a knee or hip replacement, will stay in a skilled nursing facility for a few months or weeks, depending on the requirements of their rehabilitation. Major operations, like for example joint replacements, will be very hard for most people to care for at home, especially if they live by themselves. A skilled nursing facility provides 24 hour care and physical therapy in an environment that is safe and is intended to house people with disabilities.

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